Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Updated Fan Poster of Death Cheese

We finally got hold of an updated fan poster of the Death Cheese. They are rare as hen's teeth because they are selling so fast. It's really a hot item! Added in the picture of the group are the latest members, Buzzoff (green) and Buzin (blue). Next to them is Soggy (gold) in front of the Wanna-bes (two guys with belt). Axe Man is in the red next to Wolfie (center). On the left are the Lukefiskies. The health dept. issued a warning that there were too many on the stage and any new members would have to be hung from the rafters.


Buzzoff said...

Thank you for adding us--it's really a cool poster! By the way, I collect hen's teeth and make jewelry out of them!

Warren the Wraith said...

At last I have this poster to add to my collection of Death Cheese merch. I tried to scare the guy who was selling it so I wouldnt have to pay but he turned out to be a ghost too. Scared me so bad I dropped all my money and ran! He sure looked familiar. I wonder who he was.

Gary the Ghoul said...

I dont no how it can bee but Deth Cheez looks coolur evry time I sees them!
You ar such a wuss, Warren!