Monday, July 17, 2006

Frolicking In The Gross

This is one strange language, English! Whoever invented it must have been one weird mother tupping sadist! I mean, just take the word "laughter" for example. It means being happy and making silly noises from simple snickers to deep guffaws. It is such a delightful word. But look! Just add the letter "s" in front of it. Then it spells "slaughter" which is very different. One little letter! The joyious sounds of laughter become the screams of horror and death! Ewe! How gross! Like if we write a sentence like, "The man's laughter delighted everyone." What terrible subliminals we have there! Our subconscious would see it like "The man slaughter de-lighted everyone." The Manchurian Candidate? Or maybe not. Maybe it's just me.


cheesemeister said...

I think it's pretty amusing myself, how the displacement of one letter can wreak havoc on a sentence. Imagine what would happen if body parts could be displaced like letters in a sentence. What gruesome fun!

Hannibal Lecter said...

I find that slaughter causes laughter, myself.

Brittney said...

But some times the words get real close, like lamb and lame.