Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stinks So Good!

Ariel raised a very interesting question when she saw the picture on our Dogs' Daze blog that said "eyes are the windows to the soul." She mentioned the fact that dogs always first sniff butts. What do you do when you first meet someone?

If eyes are the windows of the soul, then what is the butt? The back door of the soul, perhaps? Could it be a metaphor for the dark side of the nature of living things? Do you believe all living things have a good side and a bad or dark side?

Some may say smelling butts is a sexual thing. A way to see if the other animal is in season. Do you know any humans that sniff butts? Well, both Daddy Dusty Doggy and I (Icy) have been "Bob Barkered" so to speak. Neutered! We have no interest in sex anymore. Well, we do like to lick ourselves now and then, but that's about it. Yet we still sniff other dogs' butts, and like to smell the butts and crouches of humans, too.

Do you know why we do that? Because it stinks so good! You got it! We are olfactory masochists! Do you find it exuberating to sniff stuff that is really pungent? Sort of wakes you up and gives you a lift.

We heard that the Death Cheese Band is going to put out a new record song called, "Sniff That Booty" real soon. Can't wait.


Mr. Banana's lawyer said...

That song is part of the soundtrack to "Austrian Nuns Get Naked."

Axe Man said...

We wil also hav a song called "Hackin and Slashin." I rote it my self!