Monday, July 03, 2006

Buzzoff's music

Click Here or on the picture to hear Buzzoff play Bob Dylan's "Just Like A Woman" backwards.


Buzzoff said...

Do you wanna know a secret? I did this as a gift for Axe Man. That's his favorite song! But don't tell anybody as it might mar his badass reputation!

Cara L Hartley said...

Buzzin, that todaly roolz! Thanx so much, Dood! Mabey we kan play it tonite at the Traler Park Consert! I think Floury Kudu would dig it!
Yur frend,
Axe Man

cheesemeister said...

Stupid blogger! That wasn't me making that last comment, it was obviously Axe Man! The "other" command wasn't working but it put my name in there--why???
The mysteries of blogger are many and very annoying!

Flowering Kudzu!! said...

It IS reel kool!!!!!
Ax Man you r SEXY!!!!!

Axe Man said...

Hey baybee! Come to Axe Man!

cheesemeister said...

Does this mean that Axe Man has finally found true love? Awww! Wouldn't that be just...nauseating! But can he stand having 25 stepchildren in his life? What a soap opera!