Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lyanne's Shrine To Milli Vanilli

Lyanne Sakks of the Crappy Times was so enamored with Milli Vanilli after her interview and affair with him, that she declared the toilet he used to be a shrine and swore that it would never be washed.


The Spooky Guy said...

Lyanne, you make Rev. Jimmy Reptile look pure! I have never in my unlife known anyone so disgusting!

Deth Cheez said...

It is a gud thing we has a cupple daze off befor we play Dinmark. We has bin worshepin the porselan God too frum drinken too much Iselandik Joy Juse. They says this stuff is juse but it didnt taste much like frute an we woke up naykid in some leefs with Bjork!

weirsdo said...

JESUS is the onely God and all the joy Jooce any one need's!!!!!! Pleez come to Christinanity, you lost sheep!!!!!