Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Oh, that Dusty Doggy! Trying to snaz up his newspaper rag blog. What he really needs is to write something interesting in it. That silly headline thing is an old trick, just writing <marquee> in front of the headline, and then </marquee> after it. That's an old trick Dusty. An old trick for an old Doggy.

And it is not good for the editor of the newspaper to write bad stuff about one of his contributing writers in public like that. You are only running down your own paper, like shooting yourself in the foot! No wonder you will never have the stature of the Crappy Times or Hobbesywood Times. The captain of the ship is sinking it!

Get your shit together, Dusty Doggy! And let me use the computer so I can get the next chapter written on my novel!


Dirty Dan said...

Shame on you, Lammy! If one of my writers tried to pull the wool over my eyes the way you do with Dusty, I'd lambaste 'em! You need to show Dusty some respect, or you will be dealing with three bags full of ramifications!

weirsdo said...

Cool headlines, Dusty. Maybe you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but at least you learned an old trick.
Here's some scandal for you: Lammy is plagiarizing from Tom.

Lammy said...

But I am Tom's neice! At least I am keeping it in the family!

Dusty Doggy said...

That's niece!

Ignatz Spatz said...

I hear that Cuzzin Hildy-Bob's parents kept it in the family!