Monday, July 03, 2006

Spooks Scared of Spooks?

You bet that The Spooky Guy, promoter of Death Cheese, was afraid! That other spooky fellow is none other than Alfred Packer, the infamous cannibal murderer. He ate other humans when he was alive, and now that he is a spook, he eats other spooks! Flee Spooky Guy, flee!


cheesemeister said...

Alferd Packer is an embarrassment to Coloradoans everywhere, and I intend to trap him in a ghost trap loaned to me by the studly Peter Venkman of the Ghostbusters!
(I had this really hot and heavy dream about Peter Venkman once, but don't tell anybody!)

Rev. Jimmy Reptile said...

I for one am rooting for Alferd Packer, sinner though he may have been in life. That Spooky Guy has given me wedgies once too often! Fortuntely when I am in the God-given state of grace in which I was born, he can't do this. Hallelujiah! Go Alferd!

The Word Verification is rdrib. I wonder if this is anything like that unholy Redrum word that is spoken in that unholy Death Cheese Netherworld Overlook den of iniquity?

The Spooky Guy said...

That is not I. That is that Milli Vanilli guy who also died some years back. He wanted to be in the Spectral Supergroup but the Joozians weren't interested. He decided to stick around and watch us perform and he became obsessed. Now he wants to be me and has even made himself look like me! This is really creeping me out!
Trust me, Alferd Packer couldn't eat me. As a member of the Curmudgeon's Club I am far too crusty and he would break his teeth.
Watch yourself, Reptile, or I will give you some purple buttocks that has nothing to do with cosmetic paint!

Soggy said...

Soggy eat Alferd and Preechy Man. With side of Spam! Soggy need Alka Selltzer after.