Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Reported by Dusty Doggy

There's a hostile take-over here at the Asinine News. I am still the editor-in-chief, but it appears that Lammy has taken control of the blog even though she is in hell. I don't know how she does that. I really don't know much about anything, especially since I have gotten so old. It all has something to do with switching to the new Blogger and Google thing. It is confusing. Both Lammy and I are on the same account, so it seems. But she switched first. I am a little slow in my old days.

Oh, and speaking of Lammy being in hell, guess who else just went down there. Check out the Devil's blog. But we would like to add that there are rumors that Lammy might be coming back somehow. She is now pregnant with The Grim Reaper's baby and it seems she is making a deal with the Death Guy to get to come back. I have to be careful what I say because she is now in control of this news outlet. But I am still the Master of Lying! I am the Paparazzi Supreme!

We have also learned that Pansi is going to the Netherworld. But we'll have to get more details from the Cheesemeister or the Crappy times. The links are in our sidebar. I just hope Mrs. Weirsdo of the x-Pansi Files will give us a summary of what all is going on. I haven't been able to get around much lately. I just hope things settle down around here to a calmer chaos.

I just felt like chatting a little. Maybe later things will get back to the abnormal normalcy of this strange blog thingy. Well, Happy New Year!


weirsdo said...

Hey! Good to see you guys again. The girls and boys of NG4J are going their separate ways now that the show has definitely been canceled. Pansi, Brittney, Emrald and Aubvey went to the Netherworld. The Doo-Doos are supposed to go to Cooper in NYC. Mr. Banana, Sissy, Perlette and Saffira went to G in Queens. Daisy is going to Connecticut to be with Neva of "Central Snark." April is going to take care of Jane's pig, Cheeta, Lobsterlela is going to Canada to be with Kyahgirl, and Blochalela is merging her Foundation with the Ataraxia Foundation.

Buzzin said...

Welcome back, Dusty! I hope I will be able to advertise some of my massage specials with your paper. Such as my two massages for 666,000 Quatloos or $666. One for you and one for a friend, or both for you. Discounts for my friends in the press, who always have such kind things to say about my band, Death Cheese!