Sunday, January 14, 2007

Life Sucks

By Grimmy (The Grim Reaper)

Yes, we hear it all the time: "Life Sucks!" But mostly we hear it from people who are alive. I'm not here to fool you or anybody, so I'll tell you outright. It may be true that life sucks, but death sucks even more. If you want to know what it feels like to be lonely in a crowd, just take a walk through a cemetery. Boring. Yes it is. Boring.

I don't really like this job, but somebody has to do it. Of course George Bush is helping me a lot. He is sending me a lot of young guys. The so-called Middle East part of the world is becoming a real harvest for me, and to beat all, they want to develop Nukes to kill even more and more in less time. There are several more countries that are dying to have weapons of mass destruction. It must be a fad.

Even Mama Nature is getting in on the act and has been whipping up all kinds of natural disasters that kill multitudes of people. The humans are actually killing themselves by ignoring prudence in taking care of their world. In effect, they are killing their own children and grand-children.

They have to put up fences around grave yards because so many people are dying to get in there. But believe me, it is boring being dead.

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The Spooky Guy said...

I would be 38 years old in two days if I had not offed myself. Now look at all these nuts I'm mixed up with!