Sunday, January 28, 2007


We got a photo from a scene being shot on location in Sexy Sadie's bathroom for the new flick directed by King Smut about the strange love triangle between Alien Guy, Nosferatu, and Wolfie.

Click here for details.


Dirty Dan said...

Imagine my shock when I came in to try and take a bath! I guess this is what I get for agreeing to be Sexy Sadie's roommate after Lyanne Sakks kicked me out for hitting on Aubvey.

The Lutefiskies said...

We ar also upset becuz we wer getin a litul dryed out an needed to refresh ar selfs, an theze fart nokurs wur in the tub havin an orjy! Havin dryed gills sux, but we ar not gonna get in the tub where they wur doin that kind of stuf!