Saturday, January 13, 2007

Who's Responsible?

Editorial by Smenita

Aren't we responsible for our own actions or what? Why does everyone want to blame someone else for their own poor judgement or stupid decisions. If you do something, stand up and face the consequences for your actions!

I was called to the stand to testify in Lammy's recent trial. Her goofy lawyer was trying to say that Lammy was not responsible for her behavior because I gave her advice and she took it. I mean, just because someone gives advice, that doesn't relieve you from the consequences if you make the choice to take the advice.

Lammy has a lamb's head because the witch Enditall put a curse on her. I merely suggested to Lammy that maybe she should take revenge and do the same back to the witch. Put a curse on her! And I told her how she could do it. But I didn't twist her arm or hold a gun on Lammy to force her to take my advice. It was just my opinion.

Then when Lammy took my advice, she screwed up like the dumb ass she is, and she caught herself on fire. That was her own stupidity. I just gave her my opinion and told her what I would do in her situation. So how does that make Lammy so sweet and innocent and me so wicked?

Why should I be considered a "wicked" fairy just because of my attitude. A curmudgeon just has a negative attitude, but they don't necessarily take action on their attitudes. We should be judged on our actions, not just our opinions and attitudes.

And why should I be condemned for what someone else does just because they listen to me and make the decision to take action on what I said. It's not my fault that she did what she did. I only presented her with some alternatives.

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Dr. Schitz said...

I agree. It's like when people come to me for help with having babies and I help their DNA along a little bit when creating the embryos and then they get mad at me because they think their child should have looked more like them. What arrogance! I am only trying to improve upon things!