Friday, January 12, 2007

Lammy's Death Reversed

Reported by Icy

Lammy (Patty Lamb) appealed her sentence to Hell in the Superior Netherworld Court. The original judge in the case became ill so I had to go sit in for him. I was sort of hesitant to do so because Lammy is the niece of my Master Tom, so I was really in favor of her from the start. But I tried to be objective as we tried her. It was very trying.

But it all turned out good. The last to testify was Dr. Schitz and Prof. Snewgflo concerning some kind of DNA evidence which no one but themselves could comprehend. Basically, they showed that Lammy is not pregnant by the Grim Reaper. This made him and the Devil angry so they up and walked out. So all I had to do was declare her sentence null and I reversed her death so she could return to life on Earth.

I was really nervous sitting up there on the bench as they call it. Everyone kept looking at me as if I was some kind of super smart wise guy, but I actually didn't have the slightest idea of what was going on.

Lammy will have to stay at a half-way house in the Netherworld for a while to readjust to life by first being undead. She believes her sister is somewhere in the Netherworld and hopes to find her. Lula has been missing for about a year.

Lammy will still have her lamb's head when she fully returns to life. The witch Enditall cursed her and caused her head to turn into a sheep head. So the nickname "Lammy" seems appropriate for her, though she really got it from sleeping with a little puppet lamb called Lamb Chop when she was a little girl.

We want to wish Lammy all the luck in the world in finding her sister, finding who is the real father of her baby, as well as trying to get the curse reversed and getting her original head back.

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Nervous Norvis said...

I don't think that Lammy and I ever did anything besides eat lunch, so I don't think I could be the father. Unless Dr. Schitz had something to do with it through his DNA mixing, of course.