Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brittney Devil Doll's New Job

By Dusty Doggy

Oh dear Jesus! Ever since the Naked Gymnastics broke up, it seems the dolls have been going down hill. Now the devil doll, Brittney, has found a minimum wage job spinning records as a D.J. She is trying to play CD's on an old Victrola with a worn out dusty needle. She so flaky! And she thinks that the grinding, scratchy sound that comes out is music.

It has been reported by our secret sources that she spent her whole welfare check at the Goodwill used junk store to purchase the antique record player. The only good part of the songs is when the machine winds down and she has to hand-crank it up again.

That quack station doesn't have a microphone and broadcast tower, but only a paper Dixie cup she yells into that is connected by a string to a 40 gallon drum that amplifies her screachy voice and the needle scratching on a CD.

Some may feel sorry for her, but she is just getting what she deserves with all that Devil worshipping.


Queen Hel said...

Doggy, you are really trying my patience with your insinuations that my radio station and DJ's are sub-par. Well, there is Beavis and Butthead, but they are very popular in spite of their myriad of shortcomings. I assure you that my stations have the latest and best equipment. It's not my fault if some of my DJ's have a tendency to come in to work bombed on Intergalactic Space Mead or what have you!

Brittney said...

I told the Butthead dudes to muzzle you, Dirty. They like experimenting on, I mean playing with, animals.
Pleasant dreams.

Dr. Schitz said...

Dusty, please come by my experimental lab...I mean, veterinary hospital so I can cross your DNA...I mean, give you a checkup.

Dusty Doggy said...

Dr. Schitz will have enough to keep him busy when he delivers Lammy's baby!