Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ugly Grace's

I went to that "dive" called Ugly Grace's thinking I would get enough material to write several columns about that place as well as the Death Cheese and observe the Lutefiskies. But I woke up in the gutter and can't remember anything except the food. It was Lutefish in honor of the Lutefiskies. But it was like eating oysters that had been regergitated by several other patrons before me. After I gagged on it and tossed it, they scooped it off the floor and served it to the next table. I think they were Lammy and Angelon of the Pansi Files or else it was Harry and Hermione. I'm not for sure about anything concerning that night. I had forgotten about Daisy divorcing Angelon, but after seeing him gobble down that Lukefish crap I can well understand. It sure didn't taste as good as hotdogs!

I am still trying to figure out what happened to me that night. I think the Death Cheese started playing and a black hole opened up and I was sucked in.


The Spooky Guy said...

I was standing behind you trying to warn you about how foul Lutefisk is. But you just ignored me and kept on eating.
Also the quart of MD 20/20 you drank didn't help much in keeping you out of the gutter! Was I not supposed to mention this part?

cheesemeister said...

I have the feeling that Ugly Grace's is not going to win the Asinine News Restaurant of the Year award.

Angelon said...

I am a master of prestidigitation and only appeared to eat.