Thursday, June 15, 2006

Frick'n laser To Disperse Holle

The brilliant and multi-tasking Mr. Banana of the Pansi Files has saved the day again for the movie project, "Plan 9 From the NetherWorld." It had been shut down because Holle, the grandniece of Wolfie of the Death Cheese kept flashing and exposing herself during shooting. After reading about the Frick'n laser that the Chinese have developed to dissipate clouds during the Olympics to prevent rain, Mr. Banana somehow got hold of one and plans to use it to shoot and dissipate Holle whenever she tries to strip in front of the camera during a shoot. That man is a genius when it comes to getting a job done!


sal banana said...

(don't tell sissy, but holle was just comparing something to one of those lasers. let's just say i offered her a distraction from her previous lesbian lifestyle.)

cheesemeister said...

Scandalous! I wonder if Holle's girlfriend Bierie Trinker knows about this--or what Holle will be willing to pay me not to tell Bierie about her little foray to the Straight Side.
Also, I think that the Vogon Empire may be interested in this Frick'n Lazer. Come to the Vogon Idol finals aboard the ship tomorrow night and they'll be happy to discuss it with you.