Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lambkin Kidnapped

Lammy was overjoyed with the news that her baby had been found down on the farm as reported by Hildy-Bob (click here for her story). The excited mother rushed to hold her babe in her arms for the first time since it disappeared after birth.

But in a split second, it was gone again when Dewey Banjer slipped up from nowhere and grabbed the baby kid that is rumored to have been fathered by the Axe Man of Death Cheese. The kidnapper rode off into the swampy woods and could not be followed.

No reports yet have been filed as to the reason for the abduction. Axe Man could not be reached for comment.

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Barney Fife said...

Fear not, Lammy, me and Sheriff Rosco are on the case! A Lamb-er alert has been issued.
Axe Man is sleeping off last night's drinking binge in the cooler. We wanted to put him in a cell but Chief Jerry said if we moved him and he barfed, we'd have to clean it up. So we left him alone.