Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fire Drill

The outside of the Netherworld Hotel became blood red on Valentine's Day and this scared many people. Someone pulled the fire alarm and the yard was flooded with weird characters!


Cheesemeister said...

Spooky, did you eat that Valentine cookie that was sitting on the table and said "Eat Me?" I bought that from Dirty Sanchez' bakery as a gift for Tom Thumb so he could enjoy his Valentine's date with Sexy Sadie.
Now I have to call Cuzzin Hildy-Bob and have her bring over a bottle of the Special Shrinkin' Shine!

weirsdo said...

But at least Flowering Kudzu looks very put together for the occasion.

Dusty Doggy said...

Dr. Schitz has a brilliant new assistant, Rubic Cubic, who can quickly put Flowering Kutzu back together with DNA enhanced Super Glue.