Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Copy-Cat Band

Billy the Kid was really upset after coming in last at the Vogon Idol Awards, so since then, he has started up his own band. He calls it The Dead Cheeze-Its. Many critics complain that it is a copy of Death Cheese and that the music world doesn't need another band like that!

In the promo pic, Billy the Kid, Dummy Dick Head, The Curmudgeon Squirrel, Spooky Gal, Snewgflo Axxy, and below is Metal Soggy, Buzzy Mantis and The Killer Rabbit-Rabbit.


Ugly Grace said...

Well, they will work for beer. Do you suppose I did something bad by hiring them on Monday nights, the slowest night of the week?

The Spooky Guy said...

I resent the unliving hell out of being in any way associated with Death Cheese, or any clone of theirs through some copycat version of me that is half naked! Even if I am Death Cheese's merchandiser, I still resent being associated with them.
Also, "Spooky Gal," even I don't take my shirt off on stage and being a guy, I could get away with it. Now people will be expecting me to take a guest spot at The Happy Weiner and guess what--ain't gonna happen! Bad enough they already stare at my nether regions all the time as it is!

Zorak said...

Buzzy Mantis kicks ass. But not as much ass as me!

Buzzin said...

These "dead Cheese-its" blow! We'll show them who the REAL Vogon Idol winners are!
Billy the Squid, you are DEAD MEAT!
I usually use my ten legs for good, but in your case, I'm gonna take you down in a rasslin' match, sucka!