Monday, October 01, 2007

Arsewipe Revealed

by Dusty Doggy

I guess we all have a hidden inner being which we try to keep hidden from everyone, an inner self we don't want our friends to know about. I think I caught the image of Arsewipe's inner being which he is ashamed of. I got this picture of Arsewipe using an Introspective lens on the camera under the light of the full harvest moon. Here, I caught his really ugly side. The true beast within the beast.


spooky said...

I swear--even I did not know it was that hideous!
The question becomes...which hideousness is more hideous?
Oh yes...the United States is in much trouble!

weirsdo said...

We have been calling him "Poop" since he was appointed the first time. So this is not news to us.