Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sue Butts Steals TP

Dusty Doggy has dug up a story about a woman named Sue Butts stealing toilet paper and may face three years in prison. They consider the crime much more serious than driving drunk as Paris Hilton was charged. Dusty dug deeper to find that Miss Butts was the receptionist for Dr. Schitz and an avid fan of Arsewipe. She is the sister of the famous author, Seymour Butts, who wrote the novel Under The Grandstand.

Dusty Doggy has been nominated for an award for sniffing out the really shitty stories.

Details can be read HERE ON FOXNEWS.COM

1 comment:

Dr. Schitz said...

I'm taking the stand on behalf of my receptionist. When a person needs to wipe their ass, nothing must stand in their way!