Monday, June 11, 2007

A Drug Called Cheese

In an ad for Tuesday's show of Paula Zahn Now on CNN:

It's cheap, highly addictive and can be deadly. A frightening new drug called "cheese" could be coming to your town next. We're bringing teen "cheese" addicts "Out in the Open"... Tuesday 8 p.m. ET.

Haven't seen any other information about it, yet. But If the drug becomes popular, it may create a whole new meaning or connotation for the name of the group "Death Cheese" and may give an impression that "Cheesemeister" may mean something else other than what we now think. For now, the Cheesemeister writes about an alternative after-death world, and does not promote or encourage the use of illegal drugs, but if the word 'cheese' as a nickname for a drug becomes common or popular, new readers may get the impression her blog is about the use of drugs.


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Dr. Schitz said...

Well, there is the grated parmesan. But so far this is only addictive on pasta. The Lutefiskies do have Limburger for blood, but so far this has not affected them negatively. Those who listen to Death Cheese have negative musical taste but so far this does not seem to be deadly. The Cheesemeister is only guilty of having strange taste in friends, such as The Spooky Guy. But since he is my friend as well, I suppose I could be accused of the same!
I enjoy goat cheese, sometimes at two in the morning. I think this is addictive!