Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Masticate A Lot

by Lammy

Now that boy from S.A.C.A.D.A. is interested in me since he found out that sheep are browsers, and that has something to do with computers. And he was especially interested in me because I chew a cud and he likewise like to chew, but he likes bubble gum.

I have four stomachs and puke up what I eat into my mouth to chew it some more. It is a close relation to anorexia when they eat and then throw it up or "toss their cookies" for fear of gaining weight. But they don't swallow their vomit like me.

They call us ruminants which means we ruminate our food and likewise I ruminate thoughts like vomiting them and chewing and then swallowing and then barfing again and swallowing. I don't mean to be redundant, but us sheep are that way because we are ruminants and we regurgitate our food and thoughts and then quaff the slimy puke or embellished original ideas.

I hadn't realized how great things could be the second time around until Enditall turned my head into a lamb's head and made me a ruminant.

Masticating is really fun! I got so I masticate a whole lot. I regurgitate, masticate, then suck it down my throat only to start the cycle again. It is like recycling food or ideas, this ruminating behavior. But eventually all good things must end and I shit.


Lex XXX said...

I masticate a lot too. Sometimes six or seven times a day. Zigmund Fraud says that masticating so much is a sign of emotional immaturiy and I really should quit watching so many dirty movies.
Oh--you said MASTICATE!
Never mind!

One-Eyed Sam said...

I ejaculate a lot. Arrrrgh!

Josephine S. Blick said...

Traincast fortran.