Monday, August 21, 2006

Mr. Banana Considers Film Version of Toyplayers Play

Mr. Banana has already ordered some pre-production test shots to help him decide if he should commit to the undertaking to produce Toyplayer's Pirate Play which can be read, heard and seen on the Pansi Files in blog form.

The Disney movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" now ranks as the sixth highest grossing film of all time worldwide. It has taken $923.8m (£487.2m) across the globe. That is getting close to a billion dollars, which is hard to imagine for a movie! And it is enough to cause Walt Disney to thaw out and come back to life!

Mr. Banana is hoping that Toyplayer may be a "goose that lays a golden egg" with his play.


The Lutefiskies said...

Whut yur film needs to reely be a winur iz sum awthentik fish peepul!

Lammy said...

The Lukefiskies are fishing for a job in the movies

Mr. Banana said...

Actually, I was going to do a slightly different version, "The Pirate Erection."

Wolfie said...

Surely Der Pirate Erection needs ein handsome hairy Werewolf in der cast!