Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lamb Thoughts

Here's just a hodge-podge of my thoughts:

I think that the Netherworld is the intersection of this world and the other. It's like being between uptown and downtown, you don't really know where the boundaries are!

I won six dollars on the lottery this week! I found a guaranteed way to be a winner. Don't buy any tickets! Then you'll have what you would have lost.

If thought is real, then why or how can your reality be different from mine?

If there is life after death, then wasn't there life before birth or conception?

When someone sings with Willie Nelson on one of his records, does he sing with them on one of theirs?

Is there really a Santa Clause or Easter Bunny and do I exist?

When Mrs. Weirsdo goes to sleep, does her dolls get up and dance?

Does Cheesemeister ever really go to sleep, or is part of her always awake?

Does Doug of Waking Ambrose really exist?


cheesemeister said...

I never really go to sleep. One of those ghosts in the Curmudgeon's Club usually wants to drag me along to do something or other. Usually The Spooky Guy. He's making up for lost time for what a miserable incarnation he had. He doesn't get it when I tell him that I can't be awake 24/7!
I think the Aborigines in Australia have the best explanation for existence before birth and after death. Before birth, you exist as part of All That Is. After death you go back to being part of All That Is. The Deities decide when you will be born into the living world again.
That's kinda like Hinduism too. But I guess they don't mind sharing!

cheesemeister said...

Do you exist? Don't be silly! You think, therefore, you Lamb!

Lammy said...

The "I think, therefore I lamb" quote was cute.
I kind of wonder that maybe the Aborigines have it backwards. Like Carl Sagan said, when we are born, we become part of ALL that is, and when we die we leave it All behind. We bring nothing to this world and take nothing of this world with us. The world exists and we just become a part of it for a while. I'd much rather believe like they do, that there is something else besides this world.

weirsdo said...

We dance when ever we want to!!!! Mrs. Weirsdo is only are publisist!!!!!!

Dirty Dan said...

I just believe in wild sex for eternity!
And in the Word Verification: xolyflc

Filthy Fred said...

Sonny, if you ever make a film called Dirty Dan Gone Wild, I don't care. Just please don't let me see it!

G said...

Dear Editor:

Those are some intriguing questions. Who is this lammy, sage for our time? I've exchanged an email or two with "Doug" of Waking Ambrose, but I realize that's not much for you to go on.