Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Doo Doo Girl Falls

Doo Doo Girl takes to the model runway on the Stuffed Animal Tales, but she seems to still have her old problems of walking straight and keeping her balance. It is rumored she is under the influence of chemical substances provided by her husband, Dr. Doo Doo.


quinn morgendorffer, fashion editor said...

Either that or she's been toking up with Spooky's old chum Necrobutcher, who is rumored to have found Jesus--Jesus Ramirez and the Church of Holy Smoke, that is! I think I saw her in Cheech and Chong's van with him. I'm sooo disappointed. Because, like, they always taught us in school that you should JUST SAY NO, and, like, she's supposed to be a role model and stuff!

Nessa said...

Fame is hell.

Franc Bunny said...

After all that coffee I pumped into her, too!