Monday, January 21, 2008

Doo-Doo Girl Continues Mall Diva Fashion Tour

The Doo Girl sports Red.

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cuzzin billy-bob said...

I heered these here fashiony magazines had centerfolds, so I borryed this one from my sister Cuzzin Hildy-Bob's co-worker Quinn. I expected to see that thar Doo Doo Gal nekkid. But instead thar was a pitcher of ole Steve Reeves! I think it ain't right fer magazines to have nekkid pitchers of fellers fer the centerfolds, no matter what my ole liberal sister Cuzzin Hildy-Bob sez. What the heck is this here ole world comin' to when y'all can have stuff like that goin' on?

PANSI!!!!! said...

HATE IT!!!!!!!!!
In a Christinane way, of coarse!!!!

Franc Bunny said...

Excusez moi, but those are NOT Mall Diva fashions!!!! The faux skirt is FrancDoodle (a collaboration between Doo-Doo Girl and myself), and the hat is a Doo-Doo Girl original!!!

G said...

Just trying to catch up on all of these covers. When low fashion and high fashion collide, is it a ligh?

Don't ask me why I wrote that, all this fashion just brings out my stream of unconsciousness.

Doo-Doo Girl said...

I can totaly relate G!!!!!