Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wedding Dance

Cheesemeister and Spooky were seen dancing over in the corner during the weddings of Dr. Schitz to Nurse Violent and Wolfie to Nosferatu. They seemed to lack as much enthusiasm as the Crappy Crew on stage as they won the VILE award during The Flavor Of Axe show.


Cheesemeister said...

Oh dear...I fear that Spooky has not taken kindly to that little doppelganger of him and has opened a can of Whoop Ass on Dr. Schitz for creating it. He then went for Axe Man's axe with intent to do it in. What the hell is the deal with these Scandinavian men and their obsession with axes anyway?

Dr. Schitz said...

I simply took some wood chips from Billy the Concierge and some ectoplasm from Spooky, mixed it in a Petri dish and incubated it for six months. It grew very nicely. I thought that Spooky might like to have a mini me, but apparently I was wrong. Is it my fault that it goes around sawing things and getting him blamed for it?

spooky said...

I'm sorry, was that a sentient being? It looked like a fireplace log to me!
Dr. Schitz, I have not a clue what might possess you to create a Mini Me of me. Why do you not create one of yourself? You are the mad scientist here!