Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Searches Leading To Our Blogs

I checked the stats to see what kind of pictures people were searching for and where on my blogs it took them.

Search: "Dancing with lamp shade" led to:

Other searches were:

"Favorite spot in the house" led to:

"Fence with flowers" led to:

"Can of wup ass" led to:

"Speech, dog" led to:

"Wicked fairy" led to:

"Sudden stop photo" led to:

I might add that a sudden stop photo is really an effect on a print when the white light is turned on in the darkroom for a second or so.


Hobbes said...

Good girl, Icy. Way to comment on Dubya's speech.

Cheesemeister said...

I miss doing this--I used to do a "last 10 searches" all the time. I'll have to do it on Lily's blog now because I put a blocker so Google can't access my Cheesemeister blogs.