Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aubvey And Yam Man An Item?

Audvey and Yam Man were seen leaving the Flavor of Axe Show together and it was rumored that they went to her home and spent the night and did all kinds of kinky things. It was said that Yam Man called it Therapy to help Aubvey get over her neurotic adolescent crush for the football coach who finds her annoying and distracting, claiming she is the fault of his teams poor performance. It is also rumored that the coach has paid Yam Man to distract her. Neither Audvey nor Yam Man could be reached for comment this morning and only groans could be heard from their bedroom window.


Yam Man said...

Yeah baby!
I mean--how dare you twist a perfectly legitimate therapy session and try to make it sound like some sort of kinky sex thing, you pervert!

Hobbes said...

It's Brown Bear Brownie and Emrald all over again.

Axe Man said...

Aubvey! Good ass!