Sunday, April 15, 2007

Penis Festival

Haute Dog, Little Miss Penis, a guy with a whole lot of penises, and Rasputin holding his detachable penis were on stage at the Happy Wiener Weiner to announce the coming unworld famous Penis Festival of the undead in the Netherworld. They are hoping to have a parade as well as special meals at the Steak Through the Heart and Fu King Restaurants. Other festivities are being considered, including a Platonic Orgy as suggested by Dr. Weirsdo.


Vinnie Barbarino said...

The Guy With A Lot of Penises and Rasputin on the same stage--talk about making all us other guys feel inadequate!

Dusty Doggy said...

Hal Itosis has baloons that you can have inplanted in the shaft, but you have to have someone who will blow it up for you.