Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Great Debate

A debate was held in the Netherworld to hear the different views of experts concerning what would happen if Maaaater Lammy and Anti-Maaaater Lammy were to come in contact on the stage at Arsewipe's Show this Wednesday.

Click on the person to hear their comments.

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Amanda said...

Yup, I don't think the natural laws of the universe operate here either!

Tom & Icy said...

Only the Cheesemeister knows for sure. She's the goddess of the Netherworld.

Weirsdo said...

I hope Lammy is paying attention to these three wise men.

Oxy Moron said...

In the end, does it really matter?

Cheesemeister said...

I think that Queen Hel would dispute my goddess status!
But she says she'll be watching the show.

Tom & Icy said...

Dr. Weirsdo's explanation of a "platonic orgy" has always been my favorite speech.
Oxy, what matters at the end depends on what you put in your mouth or ate.
We all will be watching the show Wednesday!