Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dusty Doggy Punished

By Icy

Dusty Doggy has been chastised and sent to his doghouse without supper for the gross article and picture he posted here. It's really bad when even the porno film makers like Filthy Fred are disgusted by the sight. Dusty tried to defend himself by saying he was just "pushing the envelope" but we feel he was thinking so far outside the box that he entered the moronic-sphere and disgraced even the most nauseating Paparazzi.

Dusty Doggy tried to say he was "swinging the pendulum" the opposite direction from Rev. Reptile's thinking, but it seems a rather extreme polarization of ideas. We felt the graphics were too graphic and Dusty Doggy retorted that being pungent and terse was his style and mode for getting his point across. But we felt his caustic art went beyond normal insanity.

1 comment:

Rev. Jimmy Reptile said...

It's getting so that a person can't have any private moments any more without a camera being there. I blame that devil worshipper Ozzy Osbourne!