Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Antithesis: Lula and Icy

Icy is so sweet, kind and innocent while Lula is so bitter, hateful and filthy minded. I am just confused in the middle between the two extremes. Could it be true that all things are in all of us. Are we all made of the same stuff, star dust? Is free will our choice to manifest the parts of us we wish to be?


Rev. Jimmy Reptile said...

Free will or no free will, Lula is a Godless heathen sinner!

Anonymous said...

She is clearly is lumberjack-ster ordering 5 bear. That is a lovely, sweet, kind and innocent gesture. Hence they are two of a kind. Do not judge to hastily because she has lost her other 4 fingers in a tragic accident!
And what about Free Willy?

Betty Crocker said...

Isn't Free Willy a dancer at The Happy Weiner?