Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hobbes Jr. and Pinky Gorilla

Bootsy is claiming this is a picture of Hobbes Jr. from Stuffed Animal Tales and Pinky Gorilla leaving Ugly Grace's together. But we are beginning to believe that Bootsy is acting like his great Uncle Dusty Doggy and faking pictures, like getting a model to dress like Hobbes Jr. just to make a story.


Hobbes Jr. said...

I'm not sure I remember that evening, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen--BEFORE my marriage to Annie.

Nessa said...


axe man said...

That Pink Gurilla tryed to get in Axe black cod peese maid of metul! Her said her "gisesh" like wurd verifikashun, but Axe think her just butt ugly! Axe did not hav bag to put ovur hur hed, so Axe let Hobbs Junyur hav her insted.