Saturday, August 23, 2008

Orlof Becomes a Haberdasher

Orlof's fashion design has really become the rage in the Netherworld and he has opened a haberdashery to vend his creations. He had several of his friends to pose off and show his marvelous designs in clothing.

From left to right: Orlof, Dorkus, Nervous Norvis, Kizz Myass the reporter, Lord Iffy who has his own show, Dirty Dan the vampire, Prof. Snewgflo the green mad scientist.

The background picture was taken by Ariel.


Hobbes said...

Who is Orlof??

Tom & Icy said...

Orlof is Spooky Guy and Axe Man's cousin. He wears the make-up to look like Axe Man to get chicks. Lammy did a strip tease for him last August 9, thinking he was Axe Man.

spooky said...

The horror! Orlof the Tasteless is one of my cousins, artificially created by Dr. Schitz in his basement laboratory back in our school days, using the DNA of myself, Cousin Olof Straight-Lacen, my sister, and the town drunk. Since he is such an egomaniac, Dr. Schitz probably could not resist mixing his own DNA in too.

Hobbes said...

Thank you, I guess.