Friday, July 25, 2008

Lammy Gets Make-Over For Lord Iffy

On the LORD IFFY SHOW, Dr. Frank N. Furter and Ugly Betty were doing make-overs on the contestants who are competing for a date with Lord Iffy, a 50-year-old virgin. They had to call in Dr. Quincy, who is now doing plastic surgery in the Netherworld, to help with Lammy. She had been cursed and her head was turned into a sheep's head, so they call her Lammy. Dr. Quincy did an amazing job, but said he couldn't bob the ears. But she sure looks better now and hopes Lord Iffy will choose her for his "first time" with a female. The biggest question now is: Will the new look change her personality or will she remain a drunken slut?


vinnie barbarino said...

Yo! My vote is for drunken slut. I like knowing I have a chance, see?

Brittney said...

What new look.

Hobbes said...

I'm betting drunken slut. And I bet she needs to pee in that last photo and is looking for Gary in the swamp.